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Newbie buying Boardman comp 08

dazzyjeff18dazzyjeff18 Posts: 2
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Hello there,

Been riding MTB for years but have now been roped into a triathalon! Been offered a 2008 Boardman Comp for £300 from a seasoned triathlete that was used for training. Been well maintained, does that price seem fair and is there anything I should look for when trying it out? Or any other information would be much appriciated!!

Thanks in advance!!


  • They could be had new for £550 around then so I'd say half that amount is a fair offer. It's what I'd pay anyway.
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    Keep an eye on ebay to look for a rough price bracket -> probably about right though.

    when trying it out..

    -suspicious noises
    -inspect the drivetrain (look for worn chainrings/cassette)
    -wheels run true and smooth (bearings are good etc.)
    -general signs of damage
  • Wrath RobWrath Rob Posts: 2,918
    I had one, great bike. The some of the components have been moved to my current commuter. In the 3 years and ~11k miles that I had it I replaced the brake pads, cassette, large chain ring, BB, headset and wheels i.e. the normal wear and tear items you'd expect. As long as these are in good condition you shouldn't regret it.
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