front derailleur limit screws

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I would like to know where the position of the limit screws would be on a brand new, factory set derailler - to start from scratch. Are they screwed fully in, wound right out or inbetween.

I want to avoid starting a set-up with the limit screws at the wrong end of the range.

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    no idea as I have never thought about it or noted it as they will always need some adjustment.
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  • I undo them fully (ie more han is necessary for final adjustment) then pull on the cable until the mech is in roughly the right position and do the stop up until I just see the mech move. Then I re-do the cable so that its just barely loose when the mech is on the small ring. Finally I fine tune the cable with the down tube adjuster and fine tune the mech throw with the limit screws.

    This might sound complicated, but it works on all my 12 bikes with gears.
  • Thanks for the help blackhands - job sorted