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Hi everyone, I am fairly new to cycling and have just acquired a Bianchi 928 with Campagnolo Veloce groupset ( 9 speed) I am very pleased with the look and the build quality, and the quality of the groupset is super smooth comapared to my other bike a Specialised Allez with Shimano Sora groupset.
I have just upgraded the Khamsin wheels on the Bianchi to Campagnolo Eurus G3 and they have come with a Chorus cassette again 9 speed. I have now noted that after installing the wheels the change both up and down is not as refined as before on the veloce groupset.
My question is, do I need to have the Veloce derailleur reset or tuned to the Chorus cassette to get a better change or would I be better replacing the Chorus cassette with the original Veloce cassette from the original wheels.


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    Chances are it is just the rear derailleur that needs a slight tweek. Have a look at the high and low limits, and also cable tension.
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    Yes, simple re-tune of the rear mech- probably just the top and bottom limit screws. Plenty of online tutorials on youtube.
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    Is the Chorus cassette new? It may be worn out. If it is new you may need a new chain to go with it.