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Moda Stretto and Barelli Brakes

tugster72tugster72 Posts: 2
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New to the forum but have found other posts and reviews very helpful over the past year or so.

I'm looking at buying the Moda Stretto and having seen one at the bike show in London yesterday, nothing has convinced me otherwise. However, the one on show was not the standard version and had a full Campag groupset (to demonstrate what Moda could offer) and it was only last night that I noted that the bike normally comes with Barelli brakes, not the SRAM Force ones.

I've looked around and can't find anything on the brakes and would appreciate some thoughts on their quality, performance etc. Is it something that I should look to upgrade in due course? Currently riding a Ribble Carbon with full 105 groupset.



  • I ve got a moda motif with the same barelli brakes. They seem pretty good once youve got them set up, and they are superlight. Very similar to the ones Planet x are selling 220gms
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    As above really - they're not actually that bad and are very light. I changed mine on my Stretto to SRAM Force (before switching the whole groupset onto my winter bike and fitting Campag Chorus 11 Speed) and didnt notice a huge difference........ some - but not exactly a massive improvement.
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