A few questions from a beginner...

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Hi, I'm new to MTBing, but have been a roadie for a while. Hope you guys don't mind me putting a few questions together:

1. My road bike is set up just right for me. Should I try to match the saddle height and position of my new mtb to my road bike?

2. Is it right to drop the saddle before a downhill section, then raise it afterwards?

3. I'm using Shimano M540 pedals (and Speedplay Zeros on the roadie). Should I try to match the cleat position to my road cleats?

4. I have Fox front and read suspension. How often do I need to check the pressure in them?

If you can point me to any sites with good riding or maintenance tips, that would be appreciated.



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    1. Your mtb will be different. put the heel of your foot on the pedal and your leg should be almost straight when at its lowest point.

    2. Depends on how severe the gradient/techy it is, but yes it helps so you have more room to adjust your body position.

    3.What feels right basically.

    4.Every ride or I do anyway, takes seconds.

    your on one now...
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    1 nope
    2 if you wish
    3 ball of foot.
    4 as it says in the manual before each ride.
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