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HI. I bought a 2011 Kona Dew Plus today, they took the front wheel off to put it in my car, and now I haven't the faintest idea how the heck to put the tire back on - the disk brake is confusing me. SO, yes, total girl here, but help, please?


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    If you have hydraulic brakes and the lever has been pulled, then the brake pistons may be closed making it impossible to refit the wheel. The wheel should simply slot into place and the brake disc sliding into the caliper - but if the pistons are closed you won't be able to fit the wheel. If should be possible to lever the pistons open but it might need a quick trip to a bike shop to sort it out - surprised the guys in the shop didn't show this to you.
    Youtube might be a help too: ... re=related
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    If it's a disc wheel: the disc on the wheels slips inbetween the two pads in the caliper - if you turn the bike upside down you'll see what I mean: there should be a wide enough gap to be able to slip the disc in. When the lever is applied the fluid (hydraulic)/cable (mechanical) cause the caliper pistons to push the pistons in and grab the disc. When releasing the lever the pistons retract (so long as they are clean and not gunked up - more on this if you want).

    If the lever has been pulled while the wheel is out, as Monty has said, the pistons will have closed the gap and stayed there as there isn't a disc in to provide retractive force

    If this has happened, its no biggie, and all repsect to Monty, no trip to the shop needed.

    Get yourself a strong bit thin metal lever (for a pushie, a decent metal ruler should do it). Slip this between the pads and gently lever them open - there is no chance of damaging the pistons but you don't want to risk breaking the pads - very small chance of but annoying if you do.

    Open the pistons up until the gap is wide enough to slip the wheel in, slip wheel in, Bob's your uncle, Fanny Mae is a bankrupt lending house. Pump the lever a few times and all should be sorted.

    You can get a special tool to open the pistons up but unless you're a mechanic/planning to do this every week I wouldn't bother.

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    Have you a nearby bike shop you could take it too? that is my best advice, its a 1min job and then you ll know how and be reasured everything is fine, we've all been there and most of us had a parent or friend to show us how.
    Installing your front wheel incorrectly could cause you to at best damage your new bike....... at worst you ll crash.
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    Agree, If the OP is unfamiliar with a wheel quick release and doesn't secure the front wheel correctly then it could create problems. Better to get someone to show her how.
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