Storing bikes in the loft

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I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I have 3 bikes plus around 3 frames (future projects) but because of storage space and security and the fact I use them more on a seasonal basis, I'm looking at storing some of them in the loft. They are a mix of steel, carbon fibre and aluminium frames.

I assume there isn't any real difference between storing in the loft and a garage or shed but I'm not sure if lofts hold more moisture, I'd hate to go up there any find bits rusting away.

If anyone has any experience of this I would love to know.

Many thanks


  • As long as you put them in the loft clean and dry, you'll be fine. The loft might not be as cold or humid as you think.
    It's the salt and dirt combined with moisture which is letal for steel. But then again, a bit of surface rust does not compromise the structural integrity of frames and components
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  • I had a loft in a south facing house which I was sure was dry - during a very very long cold spell we heard drips and when I checked some frost and ice had formed on the inside and on the south facing side it was melting! Nonetheless it still seemend like a dry space and I am sure it wouldn't harm a frame ... que loads of jokes about exploding carbon frames etc etc
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    lofts i've been in are usually pretty airy, so i'd think moisture wouldn't be an issue unless there was a leak, or a flue or ventilator outlet under the eaves nearby

    if it's long term then just put a dustproof sheet over them, should be fine
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    Great, thanks for that. Sounds like I'll be doing this. Following 1 theft I always feel a bit exposed leaving loads of bikes in the garage, if its not being used for months at a time I may as well keep them somewhere safe. Need to check the loft hatch, frame yes, wheels - maybe not!
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    Being a paranoid breed of Yossie, I must admit that I would hang them from the rafters and spray the buggers inside and out with an industrial load of GT85 or similar just to be on the safe side: may do a lot, may do nothing, but if it stops filiform and rust forming anywhere may save a lot of grief in the long run.

    Will also make the loft smell nice as well if you use GT85.