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sd517sd517 Posts: 15
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First-time poster so please be gentle!

Does anyone have experience of buying bikes from the German website ? I missed the boat on a lot of the end of season sales and they are the last company stocking the bike I'm after. Also, is there a difference with the brake set up when buying from Europe?

Thanks in advance


  • jibberjimjibberjim Posts: 2,810
    I've bought components from them a few times, always been good. never done a whole bike and never needed to test their returns.
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  • richhrichh Posts: 187
    I've used them. Much cheaper for the tyres I wanted and it all arrived within 2-3 days. Would definitely use again.
  • cubicboycubicboy Posts: 117
    Just bought a set of Mavic Ksryium Elites. Great price. Quick service.
  • sd517sd517 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the advice. I've managed to find the bike in stock in the UK now and negotiated a price almost as good - worth the peace of mind to buy from a local store I think. Can't wait to pick it up on Saturday!
  • indigooindigoo Posts: 12
    in terms of setup, yeh brakes will be on the opposite side than in the UK
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