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Wheels and Tyres £200...

ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
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I'm just starting out with my first build of a new summer bike and I'm now looking at wheels and tyres.

I have a figure in mind of £200.00 for both and I'm looking at Fuldrom Racing 5's and Schwalbe Ultrem ZX's as a combo...

Before I tale the plunge. Can I do better for the price I have in mind?



  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    I've got a set of excellent condition American Classic 420 Aero 3's (the rear has ceramic bearings fitted less than 200 miles ago) that i was just talking to a mate about selling - bit too nice for my winter bike really and being 34mm deep, might catch the winter gales a little more than a "normal" rim. I have full carbon summer wheels so cant see me using them. I was thinking around £200 for them if you're interested (or anyone else is).

    I've just taken some Fulcrum Racing 7's off my mate for the winter bike and certainly cant knock the Racing 5's at all - very nice wheels when i looked at a set on a bike.
  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    Hi Paul.

    Do you have any photo's? I could well be interested..
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    ara3791 wrote:
    Hi Paul.

    Do you have any photo's? I could well be interested..

    Could you PM me your email address - i'll take some now and send them on. The wheels are on my just built winter bike in the kitchen (finished it Monday) so apologies for the tyres / cassette fitted and so on. They are Shimano / Sram freehub by the way.

    There's an overall pic here at the bottom of page 1....
  • shane rshane r Posts: 326
    Hi Paul, I've pm'd my email too.

    Coupla Road Bikes
  • ara3791ara3791 Posts: 378
    Have pm'd my e-mail address too....
  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    can you self build seeing as your putting the bike together. you can get some nice rims and decent shimano hubs for under £200. i built some dt465 on 105 hubs. not the most aero but lightish rims that should be durable with double eyelet and plenty of spokes. look nice too.
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