Miche cassette compatibility query

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I have a pair of campagnolo eurus 2006/7 wheels with a shimano 10sp compatible freehub body which has come to the end of its life. I need to replace it but the cost of a new body seems very expensive considering that the rims and bearings are also quite worn meaning I was looking for the wheels to see me through this winter before being replaced in the summer.

I have a spare campagnolo freehub body which fits the wheels and I had read somewhere about Miche cassettes and shimano compatibility so I was wondering if there is a 10sp shimano compatible Miche cassette available which will fit onto a campagnolo freehub??? I was hoping it might be a cheaper way of sorting out the problem.



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    Thanks but it seems to be the wrong way round for me as I would need the spline of a campagnolo cassette but the spacing of a shimano cassette, which I'm not sure exists.
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    Campagnolo spacing on Shimano freehub exists but never seen it the other way around. If you use a Miche or Mirage/Veloce cassette, you could replace the spacers for about £15 - try highpath engineering.
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    Thanks for the reply Monty, there doesnt seem to be a campag splined/shimano spaced cassette available which seems strange seeing as they are made the other way round.

    I have a spare Centaur cassette so could I just buy some shimano spacers or is it only Veloce/Mirage that this would apply to?
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    You could try a shiftmate: http://jtekengineering.com/shiftmate.htm

    It may be a bit more than the spacers but I daresay you could sell it second hand when you're done with it. They seem to be about £35 in the UK
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    Thanks for the reply g00se, it looks an amazing bit of kit which I had never heard of. In the end I went for a replacement freehub as I managed to find one for £43 so not as bad as the £72 quoted by another shop who had it in stock.
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    In the end I was sent the wrong freehub body and then told that the one I wanted wasnt available through them so got a refund and purchased a shiftmate http://jtekengineering.com/shiftmate.htm as recommended by g00se above. What a great bit of kit!!! It was easy to set up and the shifting is very smooth indeed, allowing me to use my campag freehubed wheels with my shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs (sp?).

    If anyone is thinking of getting one then try http://www.thetandemshop.com - very helpful guy and £8 cheaper than anywhere else I could find.