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Trek Slash/Cannondale Claymore

campbellrae1campbellrae1 Posts: 182
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice

Has anyone ridden or had any experiences with the two bikes above? Will be getting a new all mountain/aggressive trail bike next month and quite like the look of these two! My main question is how well/poorly they climb? I know they are both really enduro-dh rigs, but my only other MTB is a Scott Scale, so I'm looking for something that can deal with anything from trail centre black runs to world cup DH courses as the Scale deals with anything easier well enough.

I know I should try and test ride them, but I'm in Hertford so there isn't really much to test them on :? So before I arrange my trips elsewhere to test I would quite like to know if they will fit the bill and be able to climb relatively well or if I should go for something a little lighter/more trial focussed.

I would also consider a Scott Genius LT if anybody has info on how it climbs!


Custom spec Scott Scale
Custom spec Salsa Fargo
Custom spec Scott CR1
Scott Speedster S1
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