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gt sensor 3.0

chemicalvikingchemicalviking Posts: 284
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice
ok so im researching new bikes for when my cycle to work scheme starts up around april time and i have seen this on evans ... 9?query=gt sensor#features

it seems perfect for the type of riding i do, love going up but even better when you have to go down and enjoy all the bits in between. i have read some reviews and they mostly state that the stem is too long and the censored pit too short. now i have allready got the nukeproof warhead bars (710mm)and the warhead stem (70mm) will this then be the best all round bike for me?

would love some input on other upgrades i could make or from any owners of a gt sensor, also on another note i have a GT avalanche at the momment and i have abused it and it loves it but you dont see many GT'S out on the trails :cry: any reason?


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