upgrading 9 speed to 10 speed

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I currently have a 2 1/2 year old Boardman comp road bike with 9 spd tiagra shifters and front mech, 105 rear mech, and truvativ elita 50/36 chainset. I am replacing the shifters which have been damaged in a collision, and am planning to go move up to 10 spd. My plan is to upgrade to 105 (5700) shifters, 5700 chain and 5700 12-27 chainset, and keep the tiagra front mech, 105 rear mech and chainset. Are there any compatability issues with the above components (I assume the levers will work correctly with the tektro dual pivot brakes) or have I missed anything? My wheels are ritchey ds pro, but I can't remember what the hubs were on 2009 boardmans but have read that you can put a 10speed cassette on a 9 speed hub..


  • I did a similar upgrade some months ago. Only thing that you need to be aware of is that when fitting the 10 speed cassette. you will need to fit an internal spacer i.e it is a very thin spacer that goes on first, before you fit the cassette. You probably wont have to buy this, as it comes standard on a ten speed cassette, but won't be fitted if you currently have a 9 speed cassette. As I understand it, the thin spacer is needed because the ten speed cassette is actually narrower than a 9 speed, and the spacer takes up the slack. Otherwise, my experience was that it was a fairly straight forward job.
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    what Pete said

    10spd cassette + spacer, 10spd STI and 10spd chain is what you need.

    Your 9spd front mech is slightly wider than the 10spd version but it'll be fine.
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