Uniglide and hyperglide interchangeable?

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I'm trying to replace the freehub body on my Shimano Exage wheel, (126mm spacing, details here http://velobase.com/ViewComponent.aspx? ... 0&AbsPos=7 ) and have found that the freehub body is uniglide rather than hyperglide. As far as I can tell, the uniglide freehub body is interchangeable with a newer hyperglide body as long as the cassette is changed too. Does this sound right?


  • Monty Dog
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    Yes, Uniglide cassettes no longer available but you can swap to Hyperglide freehub body and fit new cassettes.
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  • fossyant
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    If you want to fit a hyperglide cassette, you'll need a new body. Note, they may not be compatible due to changes in cup/cone/seal designs though !

    Other option is to buy hyperglide and dremel off the wider spline on each sprocket.