what is correct placement of chainrings on sram force spider

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to replace the inner chainring on my sram force, can it go anywhere around the spider, or is it the case that there being a small tooth like bump on the inside of the ring it is to indicate its position on the spider i.e. to be lined up with the crank arm, as this tooth like bump is between 2 of the 5 chainring bolt holes. i know that the outer ring chain catchery thing lines up with the crank arm to catch an errant chain.
am i making sense with this question. equally the etched arrow on a specialites ta inner chainring.
can anyone answer this
Thank you


  • John.T
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    If they are a matched pair of rings then that bump does go behind the crank. If not a matched pair (different makes, etc) then start with it there. If it changes well then leave it. If you think it can be improved then try any (all) of the other fitting positions.