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dodgerdogdodgerdog Posts: 292
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I am looking at getting a TT (off ebay) and am looking at either the Cycleops Fluid or the Tacx Flow (T1600) has anyone got experience of both. I have read lots of reviews of both and they are both highly rated what differences would i notice. I know that there are many TT threads on here many of which i have read but there are no direct comparisons hence the question.

Cheers for any thoughts or helpful comments.
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  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,665
    Flow has power measurement - Fluid does not. That's a big difference, the Flow is popular for that ability - not 100%accurate on that score but plenty people say it gives consistant results.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,343
    i'd get the cycleops fluid every time...

    i) imho fluid trainers give a better road feel

    ii) the tacx flow only works when plugged into mains power, and aside from the power cable has another cable to the head unit

    i've used the tacx flow, didn't like the feel, didn't like the cables, now i use a fluid trainer (kurt) which is simpler and better

    if you've got just a simple bike computer with a speed sensor (needs to be on rear wheel) then you can determine approximate power on the cycleops, there's a direct relationship between 'speed' and power, cycleops publish their power curves and there're also some other sources... ... etter.html

    this'll probably be similar accuracy to the tacx flow as the flow is doing exactly the same thing - inferring power from speed based upon assumed resistance
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  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Not very scientific and I have no real world experience of the tacx units, but when I was trying to decide I read loads of threads on this forum and decided on the Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro. Bought one off fleabay without any problems - other than the common turbo trainer antipathy!

    One of the 2012 resolutions is to use it more! That and get a decent fan to keep temperatures under some degree of control!!

    It's quite shocking how hard a work out these things provide - makes me realise how much free wheeling I must be doing out on the road! I use mine with the garmin and can keep track of cadence and heart rate (the speed bit is academic sitting in a room!).

    If you want a TT, I would recommend the jet fluid pro.

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