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Which Spoke & length of spoke

wingsonourheelswingsonourheels Posts: 44
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I've just bought some Mavic Open Rims and Ambrosio Zenith hubs 32holes for both (obviously).

I'm looking for a good spoke - hedging towards the Sapim CX-Ray spoke. Any other suggestions?

What is the best length for the spokes? and what else would I need? Can't seem to find this information anywhere on the web.

Want to give all the components to a wheels builder as was given the above as a xmas gift.

Thanks for helping.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 12,199
    depends on the lacing

    have a look at this for an overview...

    ...might be better to give the rims and hubs to the wb, discuss requirements, and let them supply the other bits
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  • Brilliant - yeah i've had a read of a few good documents - SB's is the first place i'll go.

    Was think of a standard 3 cross wheel.

    Cheers for replying.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    DT Swiss Spoke Calculator - on their website.
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  • jermasjermas Posts: 484
    Mavic open pro ERD 604

    Ambrosio zenith hubs

    Hole centre diameter: 38mm
    Centre flange to centre hub: 34mm


    Hole centre diameter: 49mm (both sides)
    Centre L flange to centre hub: 37mm
    Centre R flange to centre hub: 16.5mm

    hole diameter: 2.8mm

    Input data into dt swiss spoke calc. This will give you the length of spoke required. Aci spokes are cheaper and v good.
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