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Wheels - handbuilt, Campag or other

Lucky DouglasLucky Douglas Posts: 155
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My current bike has hand built wheels - ultegra 6700 hubs, ambrosio excellight rims and sapim spokes. They've hardly needed any attention and they seem pretty good to me but I've not much to compare them with, which is why I could do with some advice........

I'm planning to go a bit mad shortly and splash out on a new bike - custom steel frame with Chorus groupset.

I'm wondering whether to get wheels similar to my current set (£350 ish), Campagnolo Zonda (cost about the same) or Eurus (£650ish).

I'm ok to spend the extra if I'd see some benefit, but not otherwise. I do a fair amount of 60-100 mile type riding, mostly over undulating country climbing is a factor too.
I don't race but will take all the help the bike can give me to get my speed up, if you know what I mean. Current weight 12 stone, but that might go down a bit more in January!

I started looking at the Campagnolo wheels because I like the way they look and they get good writeups. Any advice on this very welcome - either these options or something else. p.s. I've used Mavic Askium Race in the past and not got on with them.



  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    I think your best bet Campag wheel if you want to compromise less on climbing ability and more on flat out speed are Neutrons. They are pretty light, bombproof and great for hills and can be found for less than £350. But people forget them because they are unfashionably low profile (but don't worry, they look better than deep rim wheels but don't tell anyone!) :lol:
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  • Canny JockCanny Jock Posts: 1,051
    +1, I love my Neutrons even though I have Eurus too - both good but the Neutrons ride better and weigh pretty much the same. Less aero but does that really matter to you?

    One thing to watch out for - the Neutrons can be tricky to fit tyres to - especially Continental.
  • Thanks both for pointing me toward neutrons - look good. My current tyres are conti gp4000s any suggestions for similar that are easier to get on / off?
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    I have no problem extracting and replacing Schwalbe tyres from the Neutrons. Duranos or Ultremos.
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  • rc856rc856 Posts: 1,139
    I've had a set of Zondas for 6 years without any problems and they're still true.
    They've now been relegated to my winter bike as I treated myself to a set of Shamal Ultras.

    The Conti Gatorskins can be a wee bit tight on the Zondas but the GP4000s fit onto the Shamals pretty easily.
  • e999same999sam Posts: 426
    I've got Conti GP4000's on my Neutrons and it's the only combination I've ever needed to use tyre levers to get the tyres on.
  • 2alexcoo2alexcoo Posts: 251
    What sort of custom steel bike is it? If it's a traditional lugged frame, handbuilt wheels would definitely suit it best. If your current rims are in good shape you could have them rebuilt with Campag or Campag compatible hubs.

    For a more contemporary looking frame, the Campag factory wheels are very nice indeed. I have 2011 Zondas, which are a fantastic wheel, especially at the sort of prices Ribble knock them out for!
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