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Buying online by numbers only?

dosthecatdosthecat Posts: 31
edited December 2011 in Road buying advice
I want to buy a new carbon frame that fits the set up on my current steel frame but I'm a bit worried about choosing the correct size as unfortunately I'll have to buy online.

My current frame 57cm frame has a Top Tube measurement of 55cm (horizontal) of which 40cm is reach and my saddle setback is about 8.5cm. Can I confidently buy any frame with similar reach (or less)? The stem I have is 90mm.

If I buy a frame with a longer T.T but lesser reach is it simply a case of moving the saddle forward to achieve a similar position to the one I currently have or am I missing something?

I would greatly appreciate any opinions folk have to offer.



  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    Saddle position needs to be done so that you're pedalling correctly. Stem length effects reach. So if the frame has a lesser reach, you may need a longer stem.
  • Yes, of course, thanks for that.
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