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Crazy Aldi sale !!!

porker33porker33 Posts: 636
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Just a heads up....Aldi seem to be keen to shift their unsold winter cycling gear.

I bought some gloves, flashing reflective bands, a long sleeved cycling shirt and a winter jacket..

I needed a size Large, but there were most sizes available.


49 pence each.

The jacket was £15.99 originally!

Apologies in advance, to the majority of forum readers, insulted by my post and only wear retro tweed Rapha. :D

Happy New Year! :)


  • GizmodoGizmodo Posts: 1,928
    The Aldi stuff is great for every day use, especially if you commute and need 5 of everything.

    I presume this is dependant on what stock is left in each individual store rather than an organised nationwide sale.
  • Just make sure you keep the receipts for when it falls apart :D
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  • sfichelesfichele Posts: 605
    Just make sure you keep the receipts for when it falls apart :D

    How little you know. I've had cycle shoes froms Aldi for £15 that have lasted for four years and are still going strong. They make good quality stuff that is ideal for people that are just starting out or need it for commuting. The shoes are arguably better quality than the cheaper shimano varieties.
  • Just make sure you keep the receipts for when it falls apart :D

    I've had my Aldi jacket 3 years now, i even wear it on wet days at motocross and it's fine! :D
  • My Aldi rainproof jacket is better than my 'best' one I bought for 120 quid at the LBS.
  • Just another heads up re Aldis gear. Ive brought winter longs and bibs in the past...i dont know whether people in Germany have short legs...but mine arent long, and none of the stuff ive brought is long enough in the leg.
    Shame because its good stuff for the price...
  • Wore my Aldi windproof jacket today, it's very grim outside. Decided to leave the Gore Xenon SO here (it's very posh).

    The Aldi isn't as good. But for £12 it's incredible. I was still dry inside after driving rain. Obviously it lets dampness through in places.

    For 49p? Who cares about after sales. By a load of them.
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  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,051
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    Got to be same quality as their food,s**t :D
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  • markyone wrote:
    Got to be same quality as there food,s**t :D

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Got lots of the jackets in our local branch but they haven't been reduced much so far. Waiting to get one (or two) for 49 pence!!!
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Porker33, which branch did you get your jacket so cheap? The ones at my local branch are still £15.99, come down from £17.99, not sure when they will come down further ....
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    swanley in kent not far from dartford tunnel....I have no idea if they have any left..I would doubt it.

    I mentioned it to friends who bought other cycle gear last week in the Gillingham kent branch...they bought various other things for 49pence..

    To b fair I idid give the heads up a while ago!

    good luck!
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    No that's fine and I've been looking ever since and thanks!
  • Does anyone know if they carry stock of this sort of thing in most of their stores? Never been in my local Aldi but the one near where I grew up only did food. Might pop in tomorrow and have a look.
  • I bought one in red a few months back and it's superbly warm in near zero deg conditions, windproof, waterproof and yet really breathable so you don't sweat too much. This is down to the clever panel venting around the jacket that you only feel at the first point of your ride. It's certainly on a par with jacket worth £100 and that are labelled.

    I paid £20 to get the zip replaced on it though as it broke. I don;t know if that was poor quality or just a duffer of a zip? I was gutting at paying more for a zip replacement than the jacket originally. I'm going to be happy if I can get another for 49p though! I'm off to visit my 3 local stores, I'm not hopeful!
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