Ksyrium SSC SL's - advice please

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Looking at buying these wheels but they are 7 year old. Seller assures me that they are in fantastic condition, well serviced, etc and I've no reason to not believe him.

However, and if the seller is reading this, I apologise but a second opinion is always worthwhile, what should I be looking for with a wheel of this age? I'm being cautious as I've been done before on here with a purchase and I can't afford it to happen again.



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    Be aware that Mavic don't provide any product / spares support after 5 years, so unless they're in very good condition and nothing looks worn then go ahead - in particular make sure the rims aren't scored or damaged as replacements aren't available. Prices of wheels have increased a lot in the time too - new, these could be had for £400 so unless they're in great condition and he's looking for less than £200, walk away.
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  • I,m running 2006 Ksyrium SSC-SL,s and they are still excellent wheels after 10,000 miles, but if your buying secondhand, apart from looking for excessive braking surface wear and any cracks starting from the spoke nipple area, the freewheel needs regular servicing, ie taking the freewheel off(a straight forward job btw) and lubricating the plastic bush, if it does too many miles without servicing and runs dry it can wear the bush and eventually the hub body itself and will be expensive to fix, but if the seller is as good as his word he should have done this at least a few times in 7 years, done mine four times in 5 yrs and can see no noticeable wear in the freehub assembly to date so its worth doing.
  • The first pair I had split around 3 of the rear spoke holes at around the 5 year old point. The wheels were otherwise fine as they were well looked after but useless to me as no spare rim was available. I sold them for spares. I bought another pair as they are great everyday wheels and 5 years is OK with me for a lifespan. The splitting rim thing is well known and would stop me buying an older pair. 2 or 3 years fine but that would be it I think no matter how they looked.

    The current elites are now better than the SLs from the time you are looking at so personally I'd go for those if on a budget (new if on a good deal or used).