XT BB on a road bike running Ultegra ????

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Quickie, can you run an XT Bottom Bracket (the external bearing jobbie) on a roadbike running Ultegra (needing the external BB) desperately trying to work out how to build up my sons Christmas present new grouppo with no Ultegra BB and all the shops are shut !!




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    You will have to play around with the spacers as the MTb bearing houses are thinner. Also the threaded part is longer on the MTB cups which can cause issues with the thread in the BB (or lack of thread).
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  • Where in the country are you? Maybe someone on here local to you can help out if you put your location ?

    For info... XT BB cups are 10mm thickness, just measured one, I believe that road stuff is 11mm (not got one to hand), so you`ll need a 1mm spacer each side using an XT, IF everything else screws together OK as stated above with thread lengths ?
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