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Whyte T120 vs Stumpjumper

coopsman1coopsman1 Posts: 337
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice
I am thinking of going back to a full susser and after a quick chat with my local specialized outlet, I am torn between the Stumpjumper or the Whyte T120.

Does anyone have any experience with either bike?

I ride mostly trails and single track.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    Both very capable trail machines...

    The Whyte has 120mm travel and the FSR 140mm
    On line you can get the stumpy Elite for just over £2k so in the same ballpark as the T120....comparing the two as muck as I love the Whyte the stumpy is far better value with the spec. I would choose the spesh by a mile.

    Though I would also look at the Marin Mount Vision XM8 which shares the same Whyte design linkage, is the same 140mm travel as the stumpy available again for around £2k...I have owned one of these and they are fantastic would consider this against the stumpy.
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