New to road bikes buying advice required

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Hi due to the bike to work scheme am looking at getting a road bike for the commute to work (35 miles total) and also use it for training and sportives.
Budget is £1000 have been looking at ribble as you seem to be able to get a good groupset and wheels for the price.
but not sure if i need a full on race bike or something more forgiving.
Regard Ady


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    The worlds your oyster Ady, i guess thats part of the problem, so much choice.

    Even race bikes (road bikes more generally) fall into different categories dependant mostly on the geometry of the frame. (all the following are just generalisations)
    Sportive bikes are usually more comfortable, they have a higher headtube, meaning you're not so low at the front...more comfortable.
    Bianchi's C2C range are similar, designed with a bit more comfort in mind.
    Full blown race bikes are the opposite, low and aerodynamic, but also offer a bit less comfort.

    Carbon frames are generally more comfortable, they don't transmit as much road buzz to the rider, but the offset is they're dearer.

    Don't know which Ribble you're thinking of, but they're very well regarded.

    Comfort over 17 miles shouldnt really be an issue on most roadbikes, my Bianchi Via Nirone is really quite comfortable over 50 miles and more...

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....
  • Hi thanks will have a look at the cayo