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i am new road biking and would like to get into it, im looking for a bike, but not very exspensive as i have a limeted budget, second hand would be fine. i am size medium in mountain bike so what size does that aply to in road biking? the bike does not need to be amazing spec, just decent enough to keep going and be comfortable. i would really appreciate the help from anyone,
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    How tall are you?
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  • How much do you want to spend Booth...
    You can go right from £50 for a twenty year old Raliegh to say £500 plus for one of the major manufacturers entry level bikes...and plenty of stuff inbetween.
    Old Raleighs will run forever, not literally, but ive had two that just run and run. Theyre nothing to covet, but for commuting they're fine. If you're lucky you could pick up a Renolds 501 or even better 531 framed bike for peanuts locally, say in Friday Ads.
    Halfords do the carrera range, theyre somewhere in the middle, quite reasonable quality, quite well regarded.
    Decathlon do similar, then you're getting to the majors, Specialized, Bianchi, Orbea etc etc, they'll all be somewhere near £500 to £650 for their entry level roadbikes.

    Second hand is do-able for better bikes but a little more dangerous. Worn out chainrings, chain and cassette will likely cost you £100 to replace. Its not easy (nigh on impossible) to recognise on a bike on ebay for instance.
  • hi thanks for the help and im around 5-10-11? :)