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Always suffered from neck pain for years (10+) but about 5 weeks ago what started of as sore neck suddenly became unbearble, the pain was similar to getting a bad cramp in your calfs but it wouldn't go away.

I now have a VERY weak right arm and have been prescriped Lyrica (100mg 3x) and Zapain (2 tabs 4x) can't take anti imflamatory due to asthma, the pain is now more managable.

I returned to work last week but was struggling with a combination of pain (not massive a constant dull ache and occasianl shooting pains that using the mouse and typing didn't help) and I also seem to keep getting really confused, so I have gone off work again (I can't rember the last time I was off ill), feel really gulity as when the pain subsides I feel fine.

I have also been riding, for some reason it feels quite comfortable riding this makes me feel even worse when I'm off.

The whole thing is getting me really down and I'm also still waiting to see the consultant to review the MRI scan from almost 3 weeks ago. Still managed to type all this, but it's starting to hurt again! :(

Has anyone had similar problems, should I just give riding a miss and has anyone else had similar problems with confusion when taking the above.
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    Don't ride until you know the cause of the problem, last thing you want to do is take a tumble and make things worse.

    Not the same but I get a muscular problem with my lower back, kills me when I sit down then stand but never bothers me on the bike.
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  • dsmiff
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    Stopped riding the mountain bike and done a couple of road rides which seem OK, I saw the consultant yesterday and he said the road rides where OK, my body would let me know if they weren't!

    He also advised that 2 of my discs need replacing (the 3rd was also poor) or I can just leave it to see if it improves on it's own which could take months with some risk of permenant damage to the nerves. It feel worse now than when it started other than the pain killers having take the edge off the pain.
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    I've had a slipped disc in my lower back and from my experience the best way to give you a good chance of riding in the future is to take a few months off to let it heal naturally. I was off for nearly 6 months to be safe - not easy to do but best not to take chances with slipped discs.
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