dhb pro & BBB Impact sunglasses

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Thinking about getting some of these but wanted to see if anybody on here has any experience of them?


I know the dhb clothing is very good value for money, are these in the same bracket?

The pictures on wiggle show the colours to be a bit bland, how do they fair in reality?



  • dabber
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    I'm generally happy with mine but a couple of reservations....
    For me, they tend to slip down my nose and I've now fixed a cord arrangement around the back of my head which resolves this.
    The lenses are easy to change but although they are secure enough and don't fall out, the central area where they attach to the frame isn't that solid.
    The clear lens is actually slightly smoked... actually I quite like that.
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  • Really liked mine. The iridium lenses looked cool but as Dabber said, the clear lens is smoked which isn't great for night time riding. Mine were also a little lose around my nose but not too much of a problem. The biggest problem for me was the complete lack of anti dog protection as my schnauzer demonstrated when he ran downstairs with the remains of them in his gob.
    Got a pair of pro lites to replace them. Five lenses for about £29.00. Prefer the dhb's.
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  • daveb99
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    I have them also. The lenses included are great, though I also have the problem of them slipping down my nose. I need to invest in one of the cord thingies and then they'll be perfect..
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  • thanks for the replies fellas.
    read through a few of the reviews on wiggle last night (i tend not to trust these even though they are customer reviews) and the slipping down the nose does seem to be a common problem.

    guess i might look to another pair.

    anyone tried the BBB impact glasses? have read some good things about them.
  • Yeh, I have owned both pair of glasses and the BBB impacts are far better in my opinion.
    The dhb's are very good, for the winter, but I found the location 'leg' on the edge of the lens (that goes into the frames) became brittle and would eventually crack. BBB impacts have a much better method of securing the lens - although they are more expensive than dhbs.
    By the way, the dhbs and Endura Shark glasses have the exact same frames (obviously sourced from the same manufacturer), but the Enduras are cheaper. CRC sell them for £28.99 http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=26715