Frome & District Wheelers

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Have come to the point now where I feel I would like to join a cycle club but am a little nervous being the new boy and not having the best bike and all the matching kit.

My nearest club would be the Frome & District Wheelers has anybody ridden with this club do they play nice. :D


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    they are a really lovely bunch of people: you can't really go wrong.

    they organise lots of club events, and also more than a few open events. their open "10" is a traditional curtain-raiser for the early-season testers, it kicks of in february (!)

    also down that way are Gillingham - fantastic and lively club, they run lots of events, including some great hilly TTs and a summer monthly hillclimb.
  • I'm also looking to join this club but had the same thought as you of being 'the new boy'. Having said that i would like to get into some decent standard of cycling as i've only cycled with people that aren't slow but don't really challenge me.
    I also had a look at some other clubs in the area but Frome and district wheelers seemed the best option as they meet 2 minutes down the road from me in Trowbridge.

    I think i'll just take the plunge and give them a go in the new year.
  • I'm over in Holt so its the closest club to me, I will take the plunge in the near year as well, if you fancy a partner for a ride sometime drop me a PM as I dont have any cycling friends in the area that are into road biking.