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Prevail Helmet problem - date of manufacter

solboysolboy Posts: 368
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I bought a Specialized Prevail yesterday from a well known cycle shop. It had a seciruty tag on it and the guys in the shop said at the time that this was unusual (the helmet came from the warehouse stock not the shop floor). When i got it home it was dirty and i had to clean it and remove a number of blemishes from the helmet all of which cleaned up ok. I have just taken another look at the lid and it says manufactered in Nov 2010. Do you think i have an old helmet or is it normal for helmets to have been manufactered over a year ago and still be on sale?


  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    it'll be fine. i'd imagine that the helmet takes 6months possibly to get to the shop, and if it's been on display or in the store for a while, then yeh, 1yr old is fine.

    It's definitely got a few years of life left, so stop worrying and get out and ride.
  • I had a similar problem with an online order from a very well known cycle shop, opened the box to find the helmet covered in dirt and it had a date over 18 months old on it. Sent it straight back as it looked like it had been in a filthy warehouse, all the box was dented etc.

    2 months later I received a letter from Royal Mail saying the sender was reporting the item undelivered and claiming for the item, I filled in the form saying item received, returned and full refund received. Not sure what the shop were trying to do by claiming from RM.
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