Campag Chorus 2011 v 2010 Rear Derailleur

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I've got some 2011 Chorus levers and I'm pondering whether to pair them with a 2011 or 2010 Chorus rear derailleur. The 2010 model is about 25% cheaper but I know there were some changes between 2010 and 2011 (not least in black finish) and wondered if there were improvements in shifting - I'd read somewhere about a stronger return spring in the 2011 models but I can't find that info again. Also there is a compatibility chart at the back of the Campag 2011 spare parts catalogue which suggests for "Full Performance" you need 2011 shifters and rd's (but then they would say that).



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    Should make no perceptible feel - the quality of the shift is down to the shifters and the cables - the mech is purely a 'slave'. Been mixing and matching components between model years for donks, regardless of what the official line is.
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  • Thanks for the reply. My concern is that it'll nag at me if I don't get the 2011 model, however silly that seems. I found the post I was thinking of for future reference (hope it's not against the rules to post a link to another forum) - there are some images of the new spring mount in the thread