Forks - External / non integrated headset compatible - Help

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excuse the daft question but i am after forks to fit a steel buid i am doing but need to be compatible with an external headset /

i am so used to internal headsets that i am having difficulty in finding suitable forks , most seem to have a chamfered / enlarged secion around the crown which i am concerned the crown race will not fit over.

any thoughts / help would be appreciated ?

i really need a 40mm rake or 43 absolute max if possible



  • Mccaria
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    These get a good review and are often used on steel builds with external headset due to their slender profile being more in keeping with narrower steel tubing. Just checked it is a 45' rake

    Enigma do their Electron carbon fork in a 43' rake.

    I am currently running with a Reynolds UL, but not sure they are available anymore.
    Enve very expensive but do a 43' rake.