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Krylions for winter & pressures?

porker33porker33 Posts: 636
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My 4000S, were getting thin and I had 2 punctures on my last 2 rides. Time for a change!

Having followed a few threads on here I ended up with a pair of Mich Krylions in 700 x 23.

The question I have for existing users relates to tyre pressures.

I am probably 76-78 kg, which according to the guide on the packet require 110-116 psi.

That seems high for a winter tyre?

Does anyone run them at lower pressures over the winter, or would that make them more likely to puncture?



  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I am a big fan of these tyres, even if they are a little lifeless. I run them on one of my bikes all year at 80f/90r without any p* problems. although I am 65kg (when fit) and my local roads are not too heavily rutted/holed (which can affect snake bite risk). I reckon you could easily get away with 90f/100r, which will just smooth things out a little and help with grip. Give it a go and see how you get on.
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    Tks Bob,

    Those are the pressures I was hoping for......As you are a fan of them, how puncture resistant are they running at the lower pressure?

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    I run Krylions at around the same as PR3s, about 100-110psi in all weathers, still comfortable at that pressure.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I have found the Kyrillions to be really great, as in no p*s whatsoever in the last 12 months and probably only 1 in the year before caused by some very sharp wire swarf! Not bad for about 3,000 miles per year on them.

    In the same time, my bikes with GP4000s's have picked up (on average) about 1 p* every 2/3 months (although, to be fair, they have usually been 'fair enough' p*s caused by a shard of glass, etc).

    Either way, the Krylions are relatively tough for such a light/fast tyre and will last for yonks and yonks. Not as zippy as the GPs but you can't have everything.
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    Tks guys for the responses.

    I wrestled them on to the rims and took them round the block for 6 miles or so, impressed how fast they felt after worn 4000S, if they are as puncture resistant as implied I will be more than happy!

  • Paul EPaul E Posts: 2,052
    front 90 back about 100 comfy for me 75kgs
  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    Paul E wrote:
    front 90 back about 100 comfy for me 75kgs
    Same pressures but 98 kgs! :oops:
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    Hhhmmm......I went with the suggest F90- R100 pressures.

    I rode for 35 miles around damp Kent country lanes and I am not sure about these tyres.

    They are harsh on a ali frame Caad10 compared to the 4000S and feel a bit wooden, the good news is that I didn't puncture and on my return they appear unused (no cuts).

    Do they soften up a bit after a few miles, or is that totally down to adjusting pressures?

  • yayayaya Posts: 411
    I think it would be true to say that as many other tyres they feel harsher as the temperatures drop. I'm 90kg and I use them at ~110 psi in the summer and at 95-100 in the winter

    Grip is excellent in the dry and is OK in the wet and in general I prefer not having punctures to having a faster ride...a 5 min stop when you're cold and wet is not something I enjoy that much:-)
  • ..fwiw, I'm about 68kg and run mine at 90 psi front and back, though they're 25mm's....1 puncture in 2,500 miles and no complaints about ride or grip...
  • porker33porker33 Posts: 636
    Tks Guys. I think will play around with the pressures a little before I discard them for their wooden riding characteristics!
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I think you need to give it some time to adjust...not the tyres but your riding expectations! As per my comments, they are "a bit lifeless" but the Kryllions are good VFM training tyres meant for long miles relatively p* free in all weathers. They will always feel a bit poor when compared to such great race tyres like the GP4000s's (which also cost nearly twice as much), there has to be some trade off somewhere.

    I can't remember if they 'wear in' because it was yonks ago I bought mine and they are still going strong (beginning to look quite shiny as I have been using them on the turbo for the last 2 months so will need replacing with an old spare set when I get out again). As you state, worth playing with the pressures a bit although after a while I think you will just get used to them...and then in springtime you can change tyres back to a new set of Conti's and get a nice wow factor :) Oh, careful with the grip of brand new GP4000s's, I think that was one of the factors as to why I have had to spend so much time on the turbo!
  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019
    I run 105PSI and they are fine, good for winter.
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