Road bike got nicked and bought a tractor

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Bonjourno all.

After my winter bike got nicked I spotted this tractor on ebay when it was a bargain. Then i got auction fever and bidded above my budget

Anyhoo it's to small for me and I've been thinkin of puttin a mahoosive seatpost on her.

It was described as 'hardly used' and i believe this as the brakes weren't even bedded in.

Also was described as 2005 model but looking on the web it seems 2006.

Can anyone advise on pitfalls of puttung a 400mm + post on this bike and also what people reckon it is worth.

I love it anyway so don't care if i got ripped off but still curious.


I'll be using it for scaring the sh1t out of myself off road mostly.