New bike or new groupset ?

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Hello All,

I currently ride a Specialized Allez, which I have upgraded the wheels to Planet X Model B and changed the seat to a Charge Spoon.

These changes have made a huge difference to the comfort and speed of the bike and I am very happy with them both.

I am now looking to make my next upgrade. I was thing of buying a new bike, with a budget of about £1000. Do you think I will notice the difference between my bike and a £1000 bike? Or would upgrading the groupset to say a Sram Apex or Shimano 105, for about £400 make a notable difference ?

Thanks in advance


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    I dont think you'd notice much difference with either a new bike or groupset (unless you bought 2nd hand perhaps)

    For example, a new bike will likely come with heavier wheels than what you have on now.

    I'd get some new Conti GP4000s tires and save your money till you have a bit more, then upgrade to a new bike.
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    What he said^

    I reckon with your current set up you'd need to spend £1500-2000 to notice any big difference. I have a club mate who used to race on a similar set up and win races so you're hardly limiting your ability.
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    I think it depends what you're expecting from a new bike or upgraded components.

    I agree that a decent wheelset is the best first upgrade, which you've already done on your Allez. If you're talking about buying new, then I agree with the others - it won't be a significant upgrade due to compromises on some of the key components such as wheels etc.

    However, if you're looking at buying used, either a full bike or buying the parts to build yourself, then it's a different story!

    I have an Allez Elite, which is now my winter bike with Crud mudguards fitted. I've also just completed the build of a Planet X SL Pro Carbon with full Ultegra 6700, and Easton EA 50 SL wheelset, Selle Italia carbon saddle etc for just over a grand, as my best bike. It's all spotless and hardly used - feels like a brand new bike if you build it correctly and take your time.

    Sure, the Planet X frame is entry level carbon - but it is so much smoother than my Allez, the frame really soaks up the vibrations. It's on a different Planet (no pun intended :P). The shifts are much crisper and faster, and the brakes are clearly better. With a better group set you're paying for lighter weight (usually) and durability, and usually they are nicer to use. I have to say the Tiagra shifters and brakes on my Allez are decent enough though.

    With a carbon frame you're looking at lighter weight and increased comfort (through absorption of road buzz and vibrations). The lighter weight is something you'll notice a lot, depending on your own weight. My PX is 7.6kg plus pedals, whereas my Allez Elite is around 9.2 kg with the Fulcrum 5 wheelset and cruds fitted. Doesn't sound much but there's a big difference when you're climbing hills.

    I agree with the previous poster about GP4000S's - great tyres, very smooth and grippy too.

    If you're prepared to hunt down some bargains, you can pick up (or build) a lot of bike for £1000 ish and I personally think you'll notice a big difference providing it includes a decent fairly light wheelset, very good tyres, and of course a good frame to begin with.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Thanks very much for the replies everyone. Looks like I am going to save up some more money and get some decent tyres in the meantime. Will definitely consider 2nd hand when I buy as well.