Swalbe Ultremo ZX failures

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Popped into my LBS today and asked if he was getting in any Ultremo ZX's as wanted to give them a try. He pulled from behind the counter an example that a customer had returned from a new bike he's sold where the tyre was starting to shred after only three weeks. He said they were getting several in at the moment, that had been supplied on various Cube and Cannondale bikes he'd sold. I know it's not the weather for such tyres at the moment but this has been happening over the last few months apparently.

Anyone else had such problems?


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    Mine are absolutely fine after about 1000 miles. Is this on just off-the-peg bikes?? I know some tyres are not the same between OEM and aftermarket - Panaracer Fire XC mountain bike tyres are like this - the OEM ones supplied to manufacturers are rubbish
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    Yeh, it's just off the peg bikes as he doesn't stock them. Didn't realise there'd been problems with Panracer's, that's interesting. Might still give them a go anyway, they look so good and would still enjoy seeing them on the bike whilst it's hung up:-)
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    It wasnt really an issue with the Panaracers that i bought for my mountain bike - it was just that they were two completely different tyres but with the same name. I bought some online from a bike shop who clearly had been removing them off bikes to upgrade, then selling them on at a slightly lower price than the aftermarket XC Pro version. Was like riding on plastic tyres rather than stick rubber ones. They went back for a full refund after i had to get Trading Standards involved
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    Seems a strange marketing strategy to supply bike manufacturers with tyres at low cost (free?) only for them to be of lower than standard quality and leaving customers unlikely to replace with the same tyre! On the flip side, I run a driving school and have purchased several Renault cars which came with Continental tyes, which lasted well. Replaced them with the same tyre and they lasted a fraction of the time. This happened on perhaps three occasions and I eventually discovered the original tyres were made in Europe, the replacements in Mexico. Gave up in the end and started replacing with Michelins!
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    There we go - there's a thread on the Panaracers. I just wondered if the same was the case with the Ultremo ZX's really??
  • I just bought a second hand bike with an almost new set of Ultremo ZX's on (still had the little excess strip of rubber down the centre and the tags on the sides). Took it for a ride yesterday and had a major flat on the rear. Same roads I ride on my other bikes (shod with Vittoria) and there's been no gritting etc. Not impressed with them at all.

    On the plus side a stunning Irish girl pulled over in her car while I was changing tubes to see if I wanted to use her track pump (matron!). Obviously I took up the offer :-D
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    Ultremo tyres have been having lots of problems over the last 2 years,would never buy one again.
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    I bought a set of Schwalbe Ultremo ZX HD for use this summer and thought they were brill

    Simple to fit and roll lovely, until I caught a stone on the side wall of the rear and put a hole straight through the tyre!

    Never managed that with my Vredestein Fortezza Tricomps

    However, it didn't stop me buying a replacement as i'm sure it was a freak happening
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    Firstly Ultremo ZX are mostly designed as a racing/competition tyre, they have a soft grippy tread but the downside is the tread can cut up easily (remember these aren't a tyre designed specifically for our shite UK roads either). I've used Ultremo's in plain, DD and ZX HD over the last 3.5 years and they're exceeded my expectations. I had one sidewall failure with plain Ultremos but that was a result of an earlier crash badly scuffing it (causing a bulge that I ignored...), had a double blow-out on plain Ultremos (the result of hitting a raised manhole at 40mph, the tyres were fine after the tubes were replaced) and recently had a puncture through the sidewall of an Ultremo DD (bit disappointed at that but was a lot of debris ont he road and these things happen). I'm not a massive Schwalbe fanboi (I'm using Conti GP4s tyres on one of my road bikes at the moment and rate those to) but it just irks me when someone slags off a tyre after they get a puncture or the tread cuts up whereas more than likely it was either incorrect tyre choice, bad luck or not fully realising the compromises you make with different types of tyres.
    I've had punctures in Pro Races and Conti GP4000's in under 50 miles but I don't think those tyres are crap either.
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    The point of the post is that my LBS has several warranty claims with this tyre, supplied on new bikes and no others..... The only tyre I've ever had an issue with myself is Michelin Pro 3 race - the original batch, later batches were fine. I ride race tyres on dry summer roads, heavier tyres on wet summer roads and winter - get about 2 punctures every 8000km, always in the wet and therefore never on my race tyres.....
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    I ran some Ultremo ZX in the Pyrenees and the front developed a bulge. Luckily I noticed it at a stop and it didn't blow or whatever on a descent. The tyre had to be chucked. Before the bulge it was ace - fast and very grippy. It's just one tyre I know but mybe they've pushed the design too far...?
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    markyone wrote:
    Ultremo tyres have been having lots of problems over the last 2 years,would never buy one again.

    Agree completely - mine lasted 100 miles fast miles before the sidewalls on both tyres split and I was forced at gun point to replace them with some deep rim carbon wheels and Conti tubs..........

    I think it was either CRC or Wiggle I got the Schwalbes from - fair play to whichever as they refunded my money with no worries: perfect customer service.

    There's also another thread on here (about three weeks ago) - that guy's Ultremos broke as well. I don't think that they are very good at all,
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    I have done around 4,000 Km on a ZX's since March. One new tyre when a piece of glass ripped a big gash in a sidewall and a couple of punctures in the spring when to be honest I should have still been on winter tyres but was out to play on a new bike! Otherwise marvellously grippy, smooth riding, throughly recommended.
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    My front one on my Cube has lasted approx 40 miles before splitting due to a small flint which also punctured the tyre. I guess it's not designed for the winter country lane riding I'm doing, so will give the back one a chance and see how long it lasts. Shame as it was a light, fast tyre which can take a decent pressure. But the split one is going in the bin as soon as my new Michelin Krylion Carbon arrives in the post!!
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