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evening all,

had the 500 for three months now and up until then, it was perfect. on the last two rides, however, the speed and distance has been totally off. Reckons on todays training ride, i had done 10 km's when in reality it was 63 and my average speed was 8km/h, when it's usually 30ish.

i've turned it on and off but at a loss as what else could be done. Anyone else experience this with these units?



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    Was it auto-pausing ?
  • It was set before I reset the entire unit, although I was moving all the time and it was still displaying 0.

    have reverted back to factory and set it all up again, will see how it pans out on tomorrows ride. Fingers crossed
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    GSC-10? If so auto or manual wheel size?
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    I was wondering about gsc-10 also. I've found that if the sensor moves away from the spoke magnet my 405 thinks I've paused because it isn't getting speed from the sensor. If you have a gsc-10 its worth checking.
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    Got a garmin 500 last weekend, thanks to a top tip on here. And I must say i'm very pleased with it. Everything seemed to be working fine, untill the last couple of days, where the current speed started to get very sluggish, it would also then reach a point and get stuck.

    I made my mind up to take it back to the shop this evening to see if they had any ideas.

    I happened to notice this morning however, that I'd set the garmin to maximum speed and had forgotten to change it back, err, no wonder it was getting stuck. Doh!! Glad I noticed that before the shop did!:-D
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    Mine did this recently, new battery in the cadence / speed sensor GSC-10 ???

    Bought five of them off Amazon for a tenner,
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    Simonhi wrote:
    Mine did this recently, new battery in the cadence / speed sensor GSC-10 ???

    Bought five of them off Amazon for a tenner,
    First thing I'd do was make sure the sensor hasn't moved away from the spoke magnet. If its slightly too far it will miss some revolutions and think you have stopped (even though gps knows you are moving).

    Then batteries.
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    What batteries do the GSC-10 take? Been running mine for 18 months and it stopped for a week or two but is back working again...I guess only to die next week...
  • CR 2032 which you get anywhere.