60mm Carbon Clincher Wheels

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Hi, looking for some Carbon Clinchers, abot 60mm but with Alloy Braking surface as I think these give better stability / strength etc, if at the expense of a bit of weight. Looking for a cheap option so wonder if anyone is aware of any good Chinese / Taiwanese vendors from whom I could get 55mm - 60mm profile carbon wheels with an alloy rim / braking surface (at a good price!!).

Any ideas welcomed.

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  • I haven't seen any chinese carbon wheels with ALU braking surface.
    Cheapest I've seen are these. But I've never ridden them and really know nothing about them.
    http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/road-t ... Googlebase

    Planet X had a fantastic deal on Shimano RS80's these were retailing for £850 not that long ago and P-x were selling them for £590
    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPS ... r_wheelset

    Good luck finding a better deal tahn this and if you do let us all know.
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  • Not sure about 60mm but these 42mm on eBay from Carbonzone who seem to get a lot of good press on here and other forums.

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/42mm-alloy-ca ... 23160dde82

    The full carbon 50mm are the ones I'll go for next year when the times right for some summer wheels.
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    soul ca 50 are the cheapest and lightest carbon\alloy combo wheels around @ £500
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    Thanks guys. Due to cost restrictions I am thinking of going Chinese and am ready to press the button on a set of 60mm clinchers. Have a couple of questions:

    > Do the majority of people go for the Matte finish? Any pictures of bikes with the Gloss finshed wheels?
    > Vendor-wise, I was thinking of going with Yishun or Helin Lui as they seem to get good feedback. Hongfu doesn't do a 60mm clincher as far as I can see..... Any other suggestions?
    > Lastly, do any of the above vendors do a build with Aero (flat) spokes? Should I look for this, do they make any real difference?

    Any help appreciated,

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    I got full carbon 60mm clinchers from carbonzone, in gloss finish. My frame was matte and I thought getting the wheels in the same finish might be too much. The contrast looks good in the flesh. Mine came with flattened aero spokes as standard. I can take some better pics of the wheels later on so you can see the finish if you like?

    Are you still looking at alloy braking surfaces or all carbon now?

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    Looks like I'll now be going for full carbon as can't see any Chinese vendors that do an alloy brake surface on 60mm wheels and non-Cinese options, even second hand, look like they're going to be over my budget....