Help to ID an rear hub

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Hello folks,

I was wondering if any one can throw any light on this query: I'm rebuilding a Raleigh Record Sprint, Reynolds 501-framed bike for a friend and he's brought me a spare wheel which has a hub that I don't recognise. I'm guessing someone will know what it is from the photos below - apologies for the poor picture quality - it was rather dark in the workshop last night and I only had my phone with me!!


You can see another picture of it here.

Cheers for any help you might be able to give...

Simon R.


  • redvee
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    It's a maillard helicomatic cassette type hub. I had one on a Raleigh bike I rode for a while, given the lack of knowledge on my part I bought a cheap Shimano cassette wheel to take its place
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  • keef66
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    Read what Sheldon Brown has to say about Maillard hubs before you waste too much time on it.
  • Haha - thanks for that. I searched Sheldon's website for "Maillard Helicomatic", read what he had to say on the subject, then searched eBay for "Shimano Freehub" and finished off by returning to Sheldon's wheel building pages!!

    It looks as though even if I did want to keep the Maillard hub for originality's sake, I'd have difficulty finding blocks, lockrings and bottle opener tools so it's coming off!

    Cheers for the quick answers...