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Poll - best groupset for S-Works SL3 Tarmac?

Maverick54Maverick54 Posts: 34
edited November 2011 in Road buying advice
Hi all. I am having real issues deciding which groupset to put on my next build as above, so hopefully I will be able to garner some sort of consensus via this poll. I have only ever ridden Shimano, but I am sorely tempted by the aesthetics, and weight of Super Record. All opinions greatfully received! Many thanks.

Best groupset for an S-Works SL3 Tarmac Project Black? 19 votes

Dura Ace 7900
10% 2 votes
15% 3 votes
Campag Super Record 11
36% 7 votes
Ultegra Ui2
36% 7 votes


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    LOL - reach a concensus !! Have you seen the Campag vs Shimano threads ?

    All the sets are good - buy what YOU like. Ignore strangers on the internet.
  • fleshtuxedofleshtuxedo Posts: 1,840
    cougie wrote:
    Ignore strangers on the internet.

    Don't listen to him
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Put Tiagra or Sora on it and buy some kick censored wheels :)
  • cougie wrote:
    Ignore strangers on the internet.

    Don't listen to him

    Can I be the first to register my disgust at that comment

    What colour is the frame?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • I'd go Super Record, but then i'm a Campag man. Best thing is to get out on bikes that have the different groupsets and see which method of shifting you prefer and which groupset you like best, which ever it is it'll be a nice build, good luck.
  • on-yer-bikeon-yer-bike Posts: 2,974
    Record is more the equivalent of the others. Is Super Record worth the extra money? After all its only a Specialized!
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    I wouldn't put campag on any Specialized personally, always view Specialized as a Shimano bike, and as on-yer-bike says, it's only a Spesh ......
  • MccariaMccaria Posts: 869
    edited November 2011
    Standard Ultegra 6700 on my SL3, but then it is my uber winter bike.

    From memory the SL3 was not designed for fitting electric groupset so its always going to be a bit of a compromise aesthetically. If I was going the way of an electrical groupset I would probably aim to get a frameset set up for electrics.
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Try the different hoods and pick the set that has the most comfy ones for you.
    It's all about the hoods.
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  • Thanks all. 'Only' a Spesh is a little harsh I think, given that it is a TdF winning frame.
    Anyhoo, I am probably leaning more towards DA now, given that my winter bike has Ultegra and the plan was to buy some deep profiles for this build, and use my DA C24's on it for the hilly rides. Putting Campy on would mean buying another set of climbing wheels, or fitting the adapter which would be a pain in the ar5e every time I wanted to switch the wheels over. Appreciate the comments (most of them!) though.
  • The only sensible advice is to steer clear of electronic groupset if the frame is not designed for them. The cables will look horrible if not routed and the seat tube needs to be reinforced to cope with the front Derailleur immense strength in case the chain gets jammed

    Othr than that, buy what you like, they're all excellent
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Maverick54 wrote:
    Thanks all. 'Only' a Spesh is a little harsh I think, given that it is a TdF winning frame.

    Nope - Ford have won plenty of World Rally Championships but it doesn't alter the fact that the brand image is dull. Good cars, good bikes but still a bit of a beige choice :wink:
    Faster than a tent.......
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