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Sticky freehub after service

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I have just collected my wheel from the LBS after a service

They replaced the cartridge bearings and I can see they had packed it with grease as well - all good so far
It worked perfectly before the service too

But now it sticks :(
I cant turn the pedals backwards however the scary bit is that when I go downhill the chain just sags and looks like it wouldnt take much to foul my rear wheel - not good at 50kph!

Id hoped it would get better however I did 40km yesterday including approx 15km freewheeling downhill (slowly) and its pretty much the same

My thoughts are that it should improve however the complicating factor is that they admitted to breaking my axle dring the service which they replaced but if they trashed this then could something else be amiss?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    and the hub is a ?
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  • Good point!

    Id expected it to be a little stiff after being packed with grease but thought it would release fairly quickly

    Its not totally seized - just stiff
    If its off the bike you need a firm grip to rotate it backwards whereas previously I could have flicked it with my little finger

  • Sounds like the freewheel is packed with grease and the pawls are sticking a bit, maybe that freehub should have thin oil in there instead just for a bit of lubrication.
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    Not many sealed bearing hubs benefit from being stuffed with grease. Shimano too only require the bearings to be covered-but at least you can tune the bearing fit.

    Mavic wheels need only light oil in the pawls and this too works well with Easton and Zipp hubs.

    Take it back- it isn't right and it isn't safe either. if the chain rolls up on your way down a hill it could be very exciting if it catches.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    I'd be slightly concerned about their competence if they have broken the axle when replacing the bearings and sabotaged the freehub by stuffing it with grease. If it's sticking now, it can only get worse as the colder weather arrives.

    I lube my (shimano) freehub by carefully prising out the seal and trickling a medium weight oil in one end till it flows out clean from the other.
  • All I can think of is that it's packed with too thick a grease or they forgot a wee spacer somewhere. I was working on a ringle hub that had a small cylindrical spacer behind the freehub that stopped it getting pushed too far into the hub. Without that the freehub wouldn't turn.
  • The grease is the problem. Some light weight oil should have been used. Mavic and Shimano both recommend their own branded versions, but I just use a tub of MTB brake fluid and a wee paint brush. It'll last me a few lifetimes.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Brake fluid???? That's not a lubricant! And if it's not in a sealed system it will absorb water.

    It may well last you a lifetime because you'll kill yourself when the freehub siezes solid.
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