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What do you need for cyclocross

TeachTeach Posts: 386
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Sorry didn't know where to post this (or even if it is allowed!) :D but it is a cycling related question.
At my sons cycling club they practiced for cyclocross today and it looks likes great fun.
I fancy giving it a go and think it would be great for the winter months.
I understand that the brakes are different for greater clearance and likewise the tyres are different.
What I don't know is what else is different between a road bike and a cyclocross bike.
I have a winter bike (Peugeot , it has 9 speed shimano 105).
Is it financially sensible to upgrade the bike. Is it possible to upgrade the bike? If so what might need doing?
As a family we have too many bikes and really don't want another one.
Could I convert my old mountain bike. Would this be easier/cheaper? The bike might be heavier, but I wonder if this is a better route? Must you have drop bars?Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Rules vary... A lot of CX races allow mtbs. Don't know any more about it than that though as it looks like XC racing only worse :wink:
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  • Unfortunately you're likely to fall foul of the bizarre and incomprehensible tribalism that infects cycling having posted this in the MTB section.... fortunately some of us worship in a broader two wheeled church :wink:

    Ignore the naysayers, cross is fantastic fun, a great workout and excellent for developing bike handling skills.

    Best way to get involved in cross is just to turn up and race. Most races allow you to enter on an MTB but a genuine crosser will always be quicker.

    As to the main differences from a road bike:

    Brakes tend to be cantis or even discs for more power and mud clearance.
    Frame will have more clearance for bigger (32mm typically) tyres
    Gearing will be more relaxed

    If you have the clearance to run a pair of knobblies on your road bike it'll be fine for giving it a go but, if it's a mud fest, your brakes will clag up very quickly.

    For more info, and balanced advice, go to the Road Forum>>Amateur Racing
  • amclindenamclinden Posts: 101
    Im a 14 yr old in west mids and I have been using my hardtail for this years season. I got decent placings so far but I tried out a mates cross bike and did much better. Just ordered a new CAADX 5 so pretty stoked as its comin tormorow.
    If your gonna take it seriously, get a cross bike, if not just get some skinnier tyres ( i used 1.8 fire xc pros)

    Good luck :D
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,041
    I do it on my MTB, just put some skinny, summer tyres on (you don't need grip for riding on grass - you re supposed to run up steep bits anyway!)

    It's good fun, absolute purgatory mind, but good fun. Practice the mounts/dismounts and prepare for some nadger pain :wink:
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    - @ddraver
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