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My Bike Build :D (might take a while though)

biscuit959biscuit959 Posts: 111
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I've been riding road bikes for only just over a year now, and for some reason i've got the urge to build a bike from scratch myself. Not sure why at the moment :S haha but will try and keep this updated and will probably need alot of help from everyone here.

Most of the stuff will be from a popular internet auction site ;) This is because I'm a poor student with not much money so will only be able to buy things as and when i can afford them, and will hopefully get some pictures up at some point.

Anyway, here's the parts i'm starting out with:
-Viking alloy road frame(cheap on ebay, not sure how good it is tbh, should arrive this week)
- Selle italia saddle racing saddle

Just as a point of interest, how much do everyone think it'll cost in the end? looking to build something of similar quality to an entry level trek or boardman or whatever, so equivilent to about a £400-£500 bike.



  • nakita222nakita222 Posts: 341
    I would say around £350-£400 This includes bits like cable sets, bottombrackets, chain and cassette, which are all parts I wouldn't really recommend using secondhand, as they are relatively cheap new, and you may not enjoy the bike as much with worn out parts. It also means an increased longevity, as the new parts will last longer than parts you may buy secondhand.
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