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Hope RS Mono Hubs

bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
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Got some Hope wheels. Only had them about 3 months. I have a small wobble only on the rear when you grab the rim and move it left and right. (like bearings not tight enough) I pulled the cassette today and found that I had to tap the cassttte a bit to get it off and saw that it had damaged the freehub a bit. You can wobble the cap in the centre of of the picture (it pulls off by hand and is designed this way), I think this is the cuase of the "wobble".

Anyone else had problems like this with hope wheels?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the damage is normal on alloy freebodies.

    sounds like the bearings looking at.
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  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    Bearings are fine and super smooth. It's like the cap on the drive side doesn't fit properly. I can easily wobble if with my hand when the wheel is off the bike. Not to keen on cranking up the quick release that much more.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Did u have the freehub body off before? And did u re-fit the small spacer washer on the axle before re-fitting the freehub?
  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    Never taken the freehub off before. Only took it off to try and find why the wheel wobbles that little bit when in the frame. Only popped the endcap and freehub and didn't see a washer (wasn;t looking for one though). I'm postive its the end cap on the drive side. Not sure what to do but try doing the QR up tighter. Almost like it's a poor design and the "cap" needs to go on the outside and inside of the axle to make it more stable. In contrast the non drive side feels rock steady.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Well I have pro 3's and no wobble at all. I don't mean to teach granny etc, but are you sure it;s the hub and not the rim out of true?
  • bobgfishbobgfish Posts: 545
    Rim is dead straight. Just when you grab the rim and move side to side you can feel some "play" Only a mm or so maybe but just a bit disconcerting. Can'e see anything wrong with it.
  • JamesBJamesB Posts: 1,184
    Phone Hope Tech GB if in doubt they are very helpful;

    I have 2 x sets Hope MTB and 2 x sets Hope road wheels; apart from bearings wear on MTB hubs due to hard use in difficult conditiosn ie getting full of water :( all hubs run just great :) My road RS monos have doen about 3 000 miles and smooth as ever
  • ScottiePScottieP Posts: 599
    I had a similar sounding problem with a set of Hope hubs a year or so back on their own Open Pro build wheels. I ended contacting Hope and the replaced the axle under warranty and I didn't have the problem again. It's definitely worth speaking to Hope - I found them pretty helpful

    Good luck
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