scott foil size xl or xxl?

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hi, please anybody should help me? im 193cm tall inseam 87cm.... i wanna buy new scott foil, n need some opinion which one if xl(58) or xll(61) should be better for me, i prefer fast riding and maybe will do some triaths with it, did anybody a test ride on it? thanks


  • Gazzetta67
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    I am 196cms tall and ride a XXL frame size 61cm tho not a scott - I think the 58cm might be a bit on the small side for you. Why dont you get down to your local Scott dealer and sit on some bikes....Your not under pressure to buy and it might end up costing you should you pick the wrong size.
  • lemoncurd
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    I would say XXL, XL if you want the pro long exposed seat post look.

    You need to get your bum on some saddles if you want to be sure.
  • sgt822
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    I'm 188cm and ride an xxl Scott CR1. Just fitted a shorter stem (11cm instead of the standard 14cm). Works a treat for me
  • dari15
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    following scott sizing chart..... it suggests xl frame under 195cm height...... think that the best way is test ride...