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CL 7850 FreeHub Parts

bmstewart2004bmstewart2004 Posts: 2
edited October 2011 in Workshop
I hope someone can provide advice. The bearing seat on my CL7850 is pitted and the very helpful guy at my LBS suggests that parts to repair will be @ £230 at RRP from Madison. This is because you have to buy a hub axle and free wheel assembly rather than just the seating parts. A new wheel will be @£330! He suggests that I run the wheels into the ground and buy some Mavics with sealed hubs.
I really like the wheels though, any ideas if there is another source of parts or do Madison totally control the market.
It appears that despite being rebuilt prior to the Etape the seal on Shimano hubs is not very good and I should have stripped and cleaned more regularly - these are my Sunday wheels so pretty gutted.
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