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specialized pro 2008 question

bing gordonbing gordon Posts: 662
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i've own a specialized pro 2008 model for a couple of years and i decided to take it in for a service as the chain needed changing and a few other bits and bobs
the local bike shop ( which i have never used before ) phoned me to see if anyone had changed the rear cassette at any time ?.
i said no why ? , he said because it has a dura ace chain and a sram og-1070 rear cassette and normally dura ace and sram are not compatible.

i told him that they are original and this is confirmed on specialized archive page ;- ... spid=33602

now i have my doubts about this shop because he said he has changed over the crossed cable under the down bar on the frame and now he said the front mech is not working.

can someone please give me some advise on which chain and rear cassette would be a good replacement for the bikeand if the chain and cassette that's on the bike are compatible in the first place.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    I would be changing shop.

    the cables are crossed to give better cable routing and gear operation.

    10spd shimano chains and sram cassettes are fully interchangable and visa versa.
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  • I've belled the guy just to inform him what you said , he said ah right !!. i said i dont like the idea of the cable side by side as it came with them crossed and thats probaly why the front mech is stuck on the top ring .his answer was " i think it would be better " .
    at this point i said , i'll pick it up later and put the feckin cables back crossed as specialized would have made them side by side if they thought it would be "better" .

    my 15 year old lad has just hit the nail on the head , he said ;- " would you take a ferrari to the local grease monkey garage for a service ?" , nuff said , dads a censored .
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