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hollowtech 2 bb problem

fast as fuppfast as fupp Posts: 2,277
edited November 2011 in Workshop
using ultegra 6600 bb with tiagra 4600 chainset- works well most of the time then i get noise and vibration which i can feel in cranks- makes a pretty loud sound then goes away- only happens wehn im pressing hard

everything is greased and tight

im flummoxed- has the b/b gone?
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  • Pedal bearings?
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Well some bearing has gone - either BB or pedal. Easy enough to feel by hand though I'd take the cranks off to turn the BB bearings for best feel.
  • fast as fuppfast as fupp Posts: 2,277
    not the pedals- put different ones on today and the grinding continues

    new bb on the way though!
    'dont forget lads, one evertonian is worth twenty kopites'
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    I found that my setup (Tiagra BB and Tiagra chainset) is very susceptible to clicking under load if it's not torqued up correctly.

    I got round to buying a torque wrench, set it right for the middle of the suggested torque values and since then I've not had a peep out of it.

    Might be a different issue to yours, but it's definitely one source of noise from Hollowtech 2 setups.
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    My drive side HT2 cup bearing shattered on Sunday - made some loud cracking/clicking sounds for about 10 seconds before the cranks almost completely jammed solid - got the replacement 4500 cups today (I'm running an FC-4550 HT2 chainset) - fitted them fine with the help of some Stiltson grips (rather than the proper tool) - pleased with the job - I made a mistake near the end though by forgetting to loop the chain back around the chainset before fixing it all back together ...... :mrgreen: - (couldn't find the KMC missing link in rapid time so had to disassemble the whole lot to place the chain around the cranks/rings as opposed to leaving it ''behind'' them :oops:
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