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HD HERO2 announced

evillittlegoatevillittlegoat Posts: 89
edited October 2011 in MTB general
120FPS, wifi control, sounds good. Price drops on the old models too:


  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    $239 for the old HD hero which is £150 but they never keep the conversion rate, itll probably be more like £200 tbh :(

    Good news though
  • 120fps at 800x480... mmmmm great :wink:

    Plus i don't think there is any vid sharing site that supports 120fps.
    I only know of the Contour site that supports 60fps! Youtube certainly doesn't!

    Will be interesting to see the current GoPro against the new one, bet there is none/hardly any difference!
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    The point of 120fps isn't to play back at 120fps, there's no point- it's for smoother slow motion.

    This all looks like good but marginal upgrades... The remote will be useful for people filming flybys etc, the new settings for slow motion, external mic is a nice feature that 9/10 people will never use but the 1/10 will really like.

    The improved screen looks like the big upgrade, to me, and the extra LED on the top will be handy for chest mount.

    Shame the streaming video isn't backwards compatible with the remote backpak.
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  • Video streaming and camera control through the gopro app sounds very handy.
  • I has the go pro, what editing software (free) is there to cut out bits I don't want, also how do I make parts of my recordings slow motion?

  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    If it's a HD you have then it's quite hard on editing software. You can abuse Sony Vegas HD Platinum pretty much indefinately on the trials... Or if you're on recent windows then Windows Movie Maker might work.
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