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Rate my build?

Simonb256Simonb256 Posts: 880
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I don't know if you guys even do these kind of threads but I thought I'd put it up anyway. Yeah I switched from mtb to tri for various reasons.

I think I cheaped out on the frame a bit, and expecting it to flex when sprinting out the saddle, but otherwise I'm quite happy.

Dolan Mythos Frameset (inc seatpost and headset etc.)

Campagnolo Athena/Chorus Carbon groupset

Easton EA70 Aero bar

Easton EA70 Stem (100mm 6deg rise)

Hopefully soon I'll get the wheels sorted (i.e. Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Mega G3 Clinchers), and that's what I'm doing events with next season. Pedals tbc, but probably play it safe with some looks.
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