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Anthem X4 or Anthem SL1?

IRL_MBikerIRL_MBiker Posts: 47
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Just looking for opinions on this...

Currently I have a 2011 Anthem X4, I have upgraded the wheels to Hope Evo's on Stans Crests, Brakes are 2012 XT's, and upgraded seals on the Fox forks...
Pretty happy with the bike it's a great all-rounder and have raced it on a couple of occasions and its great for freeride sessions too...sold a carbon hardtail as my 2nd/race bike as I like the Anthem so much..

I have been eye'ing up a 2012 Anthem Advanced 1 with carbon main frame and Alu swingarm, it also comes with full 2012 XT and Fox Evo forks with 15mm QR axle..

So... my options are sell the Alu Anthem and with a €3k get the Advanced..

Or spend a few quid on the 2012 XT groupset, and also a carbon/lightweight set of bars/stem/seatpost which would cost the best part of €1k anyways...

I know the carbon frame will be stiffer and more responsive along with the QR axle forks, but finding it a bit hard to justify the €3k i'd need to upgrade...

So...upgrade the X4 or Buy the Carbon Advanced?


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Upgrade what you've got.

    The Advanced bikes are disappointingly heavy, if you like what you have I'd spend a bit more on pimping it up.
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    spend a few quid on the 2012 XT groupset,
    and also a carbon/lightweight set of bars/stem/seatpost which would cost the best part of €1k

    Why? Weight. no need to spend too much for small gains.

    Why not buy another heavy duty bike, as the Anthem will explode if you're really freeriding on it!

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  • I like the idea of 10spd/2x10 and it would be lighter than the Deore groupset on the bike now...
    Again with the light bars/stem/seatpost its all in the name of saving a bit of weight as the X3 will be my race bike next year also..

    I know i'd prob only be saving 500g by upgrading to the Advanced but its also the ride quality of Carbon... As mentioned I was using a carbon HT also this year...
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 52,795
    It's your money, but if it were mine I'd upgrade what I had - the Alu 2011 Anthem frame is very good and I don't reckon you'd get much bang for your buck by 'trading up' to the Advanced.
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  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    I would also advise on upgrading what you have.

    Just keep an eye out in the sales for some bargains, 2011 XT will do you as good as the 2012 stuff. I bought ControlTech carbon bars and stem for mine, paid about half price in a CRC sale last January, save myself about £130.
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